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Our Story

   100 years of Texas Ranching

     In 1911, Richard Rodgers bought the Sunset Ranch located between Marble Falls and Lago Vista, Texas.  One hundred years later, some of his great-grandchildren decided to see if olive trees could grow in central Texas.  We planted a 'test acre' and with some hard work and a bit of nurturing, 200 trees (primarily arbequina) are currently producing olives in the grove.

     In Oct. 2018 we celebrated our first harvest with some wonderful friends and family.  Only 2 short years after, the trees produced a bumper crop, and thanks to the aid of many wonderful friends, we hand-harvested approximately 2.5 tons of olives.  Our friends at Olive View Ranch and Hill Country Olive Oil Company milled the olives into oil for us, which we then bottled, labeled, and sold. Our oil is unfiltered, 'olio nuovo' with a robust flavor and peppery finish. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

      In the Spring of 2021, a horrible freeze hit Texas and many Olive Ranchers lost their trees. It was a sad day for everyone. Very few of our trees survived, but we are in recovery. We hope to return to providing our olive products, but there is much work to be done. Thank you all for your love and support.  


Meet The Team

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Rick Igau

Rick is a meteorologist and commodity trader. He loves ranching and various outdoor sports and activities.


Dwynne Igau

Dwynne recently retired from EDF, but stays busy with her own start-up projects and always finds time for fishing and gardening. 


Addyson Igau

Addyson is a proud student of the Texas A&M class of '22 and will be graduating with a degree in  Agricultural Economics.

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